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Home remedies for depression

depression 320x212 Best remedies for Depression
Natural remedies for depression
Grief is a common response to loss. Losses that may lead to grief include the death or separation of a loved one, loss of a job, death or loss of a beloved pet, or any number of other changes in life, such as divorce, becoming an "empty nester," or retirement. Anyone can experience grief and loss, but not everyone will experience depression. Each person is unique in how he or she copes with these feelings. 

Symptoms of Depression

Acute Sense of Loss, Inexplicable Sadness, Loss of Energy, Lack of Interest
The most striking symptoms of depression are an acute sense of loss, inexplicable sadness, loss of energy, lack of interest in the world around, and fatigue. A disturbed sleep is a frequent occurrence.

Loss of Appetite, Giddiness, Itching, Nausea, Agitation, Irritability
Other symptoms of depression are loss of appetite, giddiness, itching, nausea, agitation, irritability, impotence or frigidity, constipation, aches and pains all over the body, lack of concentration, and indecisiveness.

Low Body Temperature, Low Blood Pressure, Hot Flushes and Shivering
Cases of severe depression may be characterised by low body temperature, low blood pressure, hot flushes and shivering.

Causes of Depression

Prolonged Periods of Anxiety and Tension
Prolonged periods of anxiety and tension can cause mental depression.

Excessive and Indiscriminate Use of Drugs
The excessive and indiscriminate use of drugs also leads to faulty assimilation of vitamins and minerals by the body and ultimately causes depression.

Remedies for Depression
Depression Treatment Using Apple
Apple is one of the most valuable remedies for mental depression. The various chemical substances present in this fruit such as vitamin B, phosphorus, and potassium help the synthesis of glutamic acid, which controls the wear and tear of nerve cells. The fruit should be taken with milk and honey. This remedy will act as a very effective nerve tonic and recharge the nerves with new energy and life.

Depression Treatment Using Cashewnut
The cashewnut is another valuable remedy for general depression and nervous weakness. It is rich in vitamins of the B group, especially thiamine, and is therefore useful in stimulating the appetite and the nervous system. It is also rich in riboflavin which keeps the body active, cheerful, and energetic.

Depression Treatment Using Asparagus
The root of asparagus has been found beneficial in the treatment of depression. It is highly nutritious and is used as a herbal medicine for mental disorders. It is a good tonic for the brain and nerves. One or two grams of the powder of the dry root of the plant can be taken once daily.

Depression Treatment Using Cardamom
The use of cardamom has proved valuable in depression. Powdered seeds should be boiled in water and tea prepared in the usual way. A very pleasing aroma is added to the tea, which can be used as a medicine in the treatment of this condition.

Depression Treatment Using Lemon Balm
The herb lemon balm has been used successfully in the treatment of mental depression. It alleviates brain fatigue, lifts the heart from depression, and raises the spirits. A cold infusion of the balm taken freely is reputed to be excellent for its calming influence on the nerves. About thirty grams of the herb should be placed in half a litre of cold water and allowed to stand for twelve hours. The infusion should then be strained and taken in small doses throughout the day.

Depression Treatment Using Rose
An infusion of rose petals should be prepared by mixing 15 gm of rose petals in 250 ml of boiling water. If drunk occasionally, instead of the usual tea and coffee, it is beneficial for treating this condition.

Depression Treatment Using Vitamin B
Diet has a profound effect on the mental health of a person. Even a single nutritional deficiency can cause depression in susceptible people. Nutritional therapy builds up brain chemicals, such as serotonin and norepinephrine, that affect the mood and are often lacking in depressed people. Eating foods rich in vitamin B, such as whole grains, green vegetables, eggs, and fish helps restore vitality and cheer in an individual.

Diet for Depression
Exclude Tea, Coffee, Alcohol, Strong Condiments
The diet of a person suffering from depression should completely exclude tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, colas, all white flour products, sugar, food colorings, chemical additives, white rice, and strong condiments.

Take Three Meals a Day
The diet should be restricted to three meals. Fruits can be taken in the morning for breakfast with milk and a handful of nuts or seeds. Lunch may consist of steamed vegetables, wholewheat wheat tortilla and a glass of buttermilk. For dinner, green vegetable salad and all the available sprouts such as alfalfa seeds, green gram beans, cottage cheese, or a glass of buttermilk would be ideal.

Suggestion for Depression
Become More Active, Diverting attention into Other Things
A person suffering from depression can overcome it by being more active, turning away from himself, and diverting his attention towards other people and things. The pleasure of achieving something overcomes distress or misery.

Exercise also plays an important role in the treatment of depression. It not only keeps the body physically and mentally fit, but also provides recreation and mental relaxation. It is nature's best tranquilliser. Exercise also tones up the body, provides a feeling of accomplishment, and reduces the sense of helplessness.

Relaxation and Meditation
The patient must also learn the art of relaxation and meditation which will go a long way in curing depression. He must gain control over his nervous system and channelise his mental and emotional energies into restful activities. This can be achieved by ensuring sufficient rest and sleep under quiet conditions. Meditation will help create a balance in the nervous system. This will enable the hormonal glands to return to a correct state of hormonal balance and thereby overcome the feeling of depression.


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